Charity Guidelines

The Charity’s objects are as follows, and all grants must fall within these purposes



The advancement of education of the public in the knowledge and understanding of investment management, the role of investment managers and related aspects of personal finance

investment stockbroker risk analysis. Financial analysis using phone app and laptop. Market trading profit.



Such charitable institutions recognised as charitable under English law which are connected with the City of London, including any charities nominated by the Lord Mayor of London

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For Public Benefit

Such further charitable purposes as are charitable under English law as the trustees see fit from time to time.

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The Trustees wish to consider potential recipients of bursaries objectively and fairly and will ensure that the process by which they consider the award of bursaries is transparent.

Please satisfy yourself that you fulfil the Eligibility Test below before applying.

Eligibility Test

To be eligible for a bursary to study and obtain a Level 4 Investment qualification you must be under 25, not be employed by an asset management company or have previously studied for an investment qualification at this level. Full details of the Terms of the Bursary will be given to shortlisted applicants.


The Charity reviews its policy regularly and will update guidance as and when appropriate, on this website.

Please check back regularly in order to keep up to date.

For all enquiries please contact